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Marmalade Game Studio . 1.0.18 13/03/2024
Take the fun wherever you go with Taboo! It's the famous party game on mobile!

It’s the game Ellen played with Katy Perry on her show. Like Charades with words not actions, split into 2 teams and take it in turns to describe the words on the cards. Your team has to guess as many as possible before the timer runs out! Play with video chat and throw a house party on your phone!

Taboo is a group game for adults and perfect for a fun night in with friends. How do you describe APPLE when the words RED, FRUIT, PIE, CIDER and CORE are all taboo? If you use a taboo word by mistake, the other team will buzz and you’ll lose a point. Have noisy hilarious fun either online using in-game video chat or in person. Split into two teams, or go head-to-head in One Vs All Mode. Think fast and talk your way to victory!

- FULLY CUSTOMISABLE - Decide the number of players, rounds, how many turns per round and how many skips are allowed
- AD-FREE GAME - Have fun with zero ads to distract you
- COMPLETE STARTER CARD DECK - Includes cards from the original game
- FULLY TRANSLATED - Available in: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Greek, Polish, Hindi


Buy fun themed decks to keep your game fresh, including:

- Festive Fun (available for a limited time around the winter holidays)
- Wild World
- Fun & Games
- Food Lovers
- Celebrities
- The Midnight Deck (for adult-only fun)

…and two exciting Mystery decks!

- IN-GAME VIDEO CHAT - You don’t need extra apps or screens! Play the game face-to-face with 2-6 friends, wherever you are
- NEW - One vs All Mode

It’s every player for themselves in this brand new mode!

- Play with up to 10 friends!
- Take it in turns to be the Clue-giver while everyone else guesses
- A leaderboard will announce the winners

One vs All Mode is available in Local Party Mode, and is coming soon to Online Video Mode!


If you’re all in the same place, you can play with as many friends as you like, using a single phone!

- Split into 2 teams
- Take it in turns to be the Clue-giver
- If you’re the Clue-giver, make sure your team can’t see the screen
- If you’re in the opposing team, sit or stand behind the Clue-giver and shout if they use a taboo word


Create a game
Start a game and invite your friends. Or create an in-app chat group with your friends and start a game from your chat!

Divide into two teams
Split into two teams and name your team.

A Clue-giver is assigned from Team A
Clue-givers are chosen by the app, with team A and B taking it in turns.

The Clue-giver draws a card
The Clue-giver must describe the word, without saying any of the words on the card.

Team B stand by the Buzzer
Team B will buzz if the Clue-giver says a taboo word!

Watch the timer
Your team must guess as many words as possible before the time runs out.

What's new

Get ready for some pure chaotic word wrangling fun - for the first time ever, the Taboo: Official Party Game has come to mobile! If you love party games you will love this and you can do it all with video chat already included in the app, no extras needed!



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