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Dubby Dino Shapes & Colors is an educational game for preschool kids and toddlers. This colorful world of Dinos has fun toddler games for 2-5 year olds to help them visualize and understand different shapes and colors. These learning games for toddlers are perfect for 2-5 year olds!

In Dubby Dino Shapes and Colors, kids can learn shape sorting, color sorting, learn how to color, and a lot more! These games for toddlers will help them in developing color recognition skills and shape identification skills.

Your little one can play a range of learning games with Dinos. 2-5 year olds kids and toddlers can learn to identify, trace and differentiate between shapes and colors.

Features of Dubby Dino Shapes and Colors Games are:
- A range of interactive learning games
- Play with Dinos
- Colorful themes
- Learn how to color and draw
- Easy shapes and coloring games
- Play sorting and matching games

These fun learning games for toddlers include:

1) Tracing Games: Your child can learn about the different types of shapes such as squares, circles, ovals, etc, and improve their hand strength by tracing them.

2) Shape Sorting: With the help of fish, cookies, and various other objects, kids can learn to differentiate between shapes and learn sorting. Shape sorting will enhance your child’s cognitive skills.

3) Tangram Learning Games: Match the right shapes to build cars, trucks, busses, and a lot more! We promise to build your child’s spatial ability.

4) Funny Faces: Learn about expressions and shapes in this fun game and let your child have a fun-filled learning experience with colorful shapes and characters.

5) Car Games with Shapes: Go on a road trip with Dino to learn about shapes and colors.

6) Splat the Jelly: In this game, jellies come in all forms and shapes. Kids need to tap on jellies to learn about the different types of shapes.

Wait! That’s not it. Want to explore more? Download the app now! Explore Dubby Dino Shapes and Colors: A fun range of learning games for 2-5 year olds.

What's new

In this version, we have fixed minor bugs and improved the performance of the app for the best learning experience.


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