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Panteon . 1.216 21/11/2023
Get ready for the most unique tower defense game where you set your own strategy! Nothing is fixed in this game. Create thousands of routes by placing your roads and towers with different methods to defend your island.

-Strategy unites with luck
The island, the fortress, and the ways enemies charge are constantly changing! You can build your strategy but which cards you will get is a matter of complete luck! Beat your enemies, level up, pick one of three cards, and keep amplifying your strategy. Poor choices will cause you to be defeated easily and there is no turning back.

-Extend your roads
Which route the enemies charge is entirely up to you. Decide where you want the enemy wave to come from using the cards in each level and keep inflicting damage until they reach your fortress. You can create thousands of unique defense combinations. Don’t forget, your primary focus is the security of your fortress.

*Dozens of characteristic maps
*Diverse enemies and powerful bosses
*Upgrades and merges
*Unique tower and deck options
*Passive and active skills

The islands are under attack and desperate for a hero like you to lead the defense.

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