Download APK Resident of Dead Evil Latest Version

Download APK Resident of Dead Evil Latest Version

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Zombif Studio Games. 7.0 04/12/2021

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The Resident of Dead Evil: Afterlife Walking Death is revelations with retribution realistic “TPS” Third Person Shooter action for zombie dead game, released in this year 2021, based on a movie story talking about black occupational bio hazard plague! In 2021, Salt Lake City is subjected via a series of strange massacres from cannibal suicide lead to invasions of dead. It was like the end of world or retribution/revelation day, terrible things happened in some black 3 residences. Special Tactics with Rescue Service in Salt Lake City (Generation Z) were ordered for duty by call, to appear as source of murders that fact dead zone, covering records from dark side chronicles start with black ops mission to destroy all residences, also dead zones infected by black plague. Generation Z Hunk team is sent on a black ops mission to conduct further research into these murders transformed to real zombie that lead to human race extinctions, our earth will be a big house of the dead. Alice Chambers, a member of Hunk team, upon reaching evil known location, encounters that origins of plague Z-Virus outbreak and loses contact with Generation z Office. Generation z Alpha agents are sent on a rescue black ops mission to search for Generation z Hunk team, who has not reported the initial investigation duty mission of walking dead rising suddenly. Alice & Veronica are led in degeneration to a mansion resident teeming with dead zombies and other untold death creatures by evil plane. Alice & Veronica soon discover that the mansion may be a front for a top-secret laboratory owned by company named Zombif Corporation, so those zombies creatures are results of an epidemic occupational experiments they need to conduct with a biological weapon referred to as Z-Virus. After enduring horrors' palace with its battles, all kinds of Z-Virus & parasite plague experiences. Alice & Veronica can hardly escape with their lives from dead zone, before dead rising again in the night, prepare to riptide retro revenge. The Resident of Dead Evil: Afterlife Walking Death — Principal Features: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Insane 3D game graphics, story, game concept. 2. An immersive Third Person Shooter 3D adventure style last of us, blending stunning graphics, excellent music and realistic sound effects to create a highly detailed world. 3. Realistic sounds& best animations 4. Terrifying zombie simulations 5. Smooth, intuitive controls allow you to navigate all city with ease. Precision aiming will help you take down zombies and rack up kill streaks. 6. Heavy weapons like pistols, snipers, assault guns, and grenades! 7. Very realistic afterlife zombie and all objects found in residence. 8. Many zombie boss and many modes (sniper zombie, zombie car...etc) This black plague virus is getting stronger over time and therefore the real zombies and the walking dead are rising and becoming more powerful like dead alpha in world beyond. You would like to stay fighting to rescue Alice & veronica and save the Resident and the rest of the world from the evil.

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