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BP Tracker: Blood Pressure Hub helps you track your blood pressure and see where you can improve. You can track your blood pressure, record a daily blood pressure log, identify blood pressure ranges, understand what factors affect your blood pressure and have advice on maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

Why choose this blood pressure tracking app:

+Practical and suitable for all ages
+Provides accurate and practical knowledge
+Fast data processing speed
+Easy to use and understand

👉Fill in pulse and blood pressure information according to 3 values:
+Systolic (systolic blood pressure readings),
+Diastolic (diastolic blood pressure readings),
+Pulse (heart pressure checker) ​​with just 1 touch

This blood pressure tracking app is suitable for people who want to control their health through blood pressure and start a healthy lifestyle. A good way to view blood pressure numbers is to write a BP diary every day. You will see the daily changes in blood pressure, which will help you understand the relationship between lifestyle habits, medication side effects, or whether blood pressure numbers are within the normal range. By tracking the status of the app and recording what you have learned, you can identify your health status and address issues before they become serious.

+ This app is designed to support the recording of indicators and cannot measure blood pressure or blood sugar levels.
+ The tips provided in the app are for reference purposes only.
+ Our app uses the camera of your phone to capture the image and uses algorithms to recognize the heartbeat, the results may be biased.
+ BP Tracker: Blood Pressure Hub cannot replace professional medical equipment.

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