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Flash Toons . 15/07/2021
Easy and interesting educational App teaches birds name in English with birds pictures for all types of birds. There are cute birds, bird breeds, bird species in a big birds name list for all kinds of birds. birds information in App are names, pictures, and name spelling. Soon we will add the features birds sounds, and birds sounds name.

✨ App Feature:
👉 The application pronounces the name of each bird chosen from list of birds.
👉The application writes the name of each bird chosen from list of birds.
👉 The app has a nice musical background and also gives you the opportunity to stop it.

🐓 By this application you can learn birds names in English.
🐓 You will find pet bird names and birds of prey names. There are bird names for girls, and bird names for boys.
🐓 You can collect birds pictures with names and create birds images gallery. There are pictures of birds flying.
🐓 All birds images are there in this App.

🎪 Wait for us soon with new App birds name in hindi.

Different types of birds in this App are listed in these names: Ostrich, Curlew, Peacock, Swan, Heron, Quail, Crow, Parrot, Duck, Bulbul, Owl, Swallow, Gull, Hen, Rooster, Pigeon, Hawk, Eagle, Hoopoe, Goose, Bird, Woodpecker, Canary, Turkey, Pelican, Hummingbird, Accipiter, Buteo, Penguins, Falcon, Bee eater, Kite.

🐓 App shows birds name with picture.
🐓 All birds name can open when we click bird thumb image.
🐓 Birds name in English with picture will pop up after tap on any bird.
🐓 You can extract 10 birds name if you open 10 birds and take a screenshot for each bird picture.

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What's new

Two new buttons were added to move forward and backward between birds.



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