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Let's take care of adorable baby Bebefinn!
Learn healthy habits for kids while playing [Bebefinn Baby Care] app.

1. Feed Bebefinn delicious food and learn healthy eating habits for preschoolers!
- No picky eating! Feed tasty vegetables to help Bebefinn stay healthy.
- Give thirsty Bebefinn some fresh fruit juice!
- After the meal, how about giving him some sweet desserts?
- Make children's meal time fun with Bebefinn's various eating reactions!

2. Learn hygiene routines for kids with [Bebefinn Baby Care] app!
- It’s time to learn how to brush your teeth! Toothbrushing game for toddlers.
- Give Bebefinn a bubble bath to get clean!
- Wash Bebefinn's hands clean after play time.
- It's time to say goodbye to diapers! Start baby potty training for Bebefinn.

3. Let's have a fun playtime with kids playmate Bebefinn in the playroom!
- What would the best kids doctor Bebefinn say to a patient who's feeling sick?
- Ouch! Did you get hurt? Bebefinn will help with the treatment! We have a band-aid ready!
- Easy kids song and dance for toddlers! Sing along and dance with Bebefinn to the "Baby Shark" song.
- Surprise! Guess what dinosaur is inside the egg!

4. Catchy sing-along songs for kids and fun entertaining preschool games!
- Watch Bebefinn nursery rhymes videos for toddlers: "Baby Shark", "Suprise Dino Egg Song", "Good Moring Song", "Yes, Papa Song","Walking walking Song".
- How high can you stack the blocks? Build them up to the sky in the Block-Stacking Game!
- Bebefinn wants to eat some cookies without letting Mama knows!
- Play "Vegetable Block Matching Game" to boost kids' cognitive development!

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