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Which Dog Breed Suits You is a free and elegantly-designed personality testing application for you to figure out which dog breed suits you most. It provides a set of selection questions, which seem to be irrelevant but help to assess your overall personality and find the most suited dog breed for you. Try the test and see your suited dog breed.

The test includes a set of selection questions, such as home, age, characteristics, exercise, animal, and so on. Each question provides different choices for you. These are not right-or-wrong answers, so just follow your heart deep inside and choose as you like. In the end, the application will determine and show which dog breed suits you most according to your personality. It could be tenacious corgi, elegant poodle, fabulous golden retriever, intelligent German shepherd, friendly Labrador retriever, and so on. Just take it as a fun.

Are you curious about which dog breed suits your characteristics the most? Try this app and find out. Have fun! Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to share with your friends and compare their suited dog breeds.

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