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FIRE SHOOTERS. 1.1 10/09/2022
Reverse Voice is a free and well-designed entertainment application with the turntable style. It records your talk for a short duration, and plays the sound track backwards. You may possibly hear a completely unrelated sound which actually could restore what you said after reverse.

After a while of practice, you can even learn to talk backwards. Speak a "magic spell" and let your friends guess what you said. Imagine the surprise after you reverse it back. Just talk or sing with this app, and challenge with your friends about the backwards speaking.

Key Features:

Reverse Voice: It supports recording your voice and playing it backwards.
Play & Flip: It can play the sound track forwards or backwards.
Turntable style user interface: The turntable puts the tone arm down on the record and spins the record while recording.
History: You can save your sound and replay it at any time.
Unlimited sound track duration: It supports unlimited duration of sound recording.
Unlimited sound history management: You can save unlimited numbers of your voice tracks and delete them at any time.

Try this app and have fun with your friends. Looking forward to your feedback.

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