Decision Roulette for Decision

Decision Roulette for Decision

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FIRE SHOOTERS. 2.4 15/01/2023
Decision Roulette is a well-designed application to help you make decisions easily. You can use it as a utility application which generates random selections for daily choices, and also you can play it with your friends as the "Truth or Dare" game. It provides a few default templates for popular decision scenarios, and also allows you to customize the decision roulette as you like. Have fun!

1. Unlimited decision roulettes: You can create unlimited decision roulettes.
2. Switch the current roulette: You can switch the current roulette by scrolling the main page or choosing in the "Choose Wheel" page.
2. Provide a few popular templates: "Truth or Dare", "Yes or No", "What Do We Eat", "Magic 8 Ball"
3. Customize roulette: You can customize the color theme, and also edit the content in each section(2 up, 50 below sections supported).
4. Sound on/off support: you can turn on/off the sound in the setting page.

Hard to make a decision? Try this app. Hope it help you to make decisions easier. And also have a good time to play around with it. If you love it, don't forget to share with your friends.

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