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This app is an offline Japanese vocabulary study notebook/companion app you can use to create a collection of your Japanese vocabulary at your own pace during your studies. The app also has many quizzes that use spaced repetition to improve your retention. Learners of any level can use it.

Unlike other apps, this app encourages you to actively add new vocabulary to your collection as you learn it from reading or listening to Japanese. It also allows you to get a better understanding of the vocabulary you learn through adding related kanji, words and phrases. The more vocabulary you collect, the more useful it will be for you and the better your vocabulary will become.

How to use it
1. Set your weekly new vocabulary targets.
2. When you find a new phrase, kanji or sentence, add it to the app. Use a good dictionary like Takoboto to make sure you add the correct meanings and readings.
The app will auto extract Kanji and Words for you.
3. Review and take quizzes to refresh your memory and improve retention. The app uses spaced repetition and keeps track of how accurate your memory is for each word, kanji or phrase and makes you practice more on troublesome vocabulary.

🚧 Disclaimer:: The Furigana assistant (auto-furigana generation feature) is there to just reduce effort of entering new phrases. Although it is highly accurate, always check the Furigana preview before saving, or just turn the feature off.

Features (some of them)
★ Save and Edit your personal collection of Kanji, Japanese words and phrases
★ Practice using multiple choice quizzes based on your collection of words, Japanese phrases and kanji
★ Spaced Repetition Quizzes
★ Automatically generate Furigana from a Japanese phrase.
★ Keep track of your progress with some handy statistics
★ Set yourself weekly targets for acquiring new vocabulary
★ Swipe to go to next word or kanji
★ App makes sentences easier to read for beginner and intermediate learners by automatically generating Furigana (kana) from kanji in phrases
★ When you add a phrase, the app can automatically extract and save words and Kanji from that phrase.
★ Brag about how much vocabulary you have learned so far by sharing the stats screen
★ When you add a word, the app automatically extracts and saves kanji from the words
★ Dark and Light mode. Dark mode is nicer IMHO
★ Backup and Restore your vocabulary collection
★ Lots of configuration options

That’s all?
No, I will be looking to translate the app and keep adding features

Free and no ads?
Yes, yes, I hate ads too. No catch, no data collection. All current features will be free forever.

How to support the app
The best way to support the app is to send ideas for features and improvements and reporting app issues to vinkaks@gmail.com. Google play doesn't allow donation links :(

Useful resources
★ Dictionaries
★ Example Sentences for kanji and words you learn. Written by native speakers

Co nowego

Fix missing imports. Interface improvements



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